Contemporary Lamps

Gali design contemporary lamps using basic materials that are not very common in lighting such as cement or leather and we combine them with steel, without forgetting the more classic but at the same time always fashionable metals such as brass.

Our Origen lamps have a rustic/contemporary design in which the warmth of the leather embraces and supports a material as cold and heavy as the cement from which the spherical spotlight is made.


Taronja Frontal 750 web més fosca

LWG Certification

Our suppliers are LWG (Leather Working Group) certified companies.

The Leather Working Group is a non-profit organisation responsible for the world’s largest leather sustainability programme.

LWG aims to improve the environmental impact of the leather industry by assessing and certifying leather manufacturers.

Created in 2005 by a group of well-known brands and leading leather manufacturers who came together to focus on sustainability within the leather industry. Its founding members included brands such as Adidas, Clarks, Ikea, Nike, Marks & Spencer, New Balance and Timberland, as well as key leather manufacturing companies from around the world.


We use various types of leather and in different colours but we have a special predilection for the most rustic leathers or leathers with a natural finish without any treatment, only dyeing. Because of this, the leathers may present tones, stains or natural marks that will be different and characteristic of each piece.

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